Guillaume Tombet

Aerobatic paragliding pilot

Welcome to my website.

Let me share with you my lifelong passion for paragliding, follow my career, dreams, achievements and projects.


Sadly all the competitions have been cancelled in 2020 which has given me plenty of time to train.
I train alone in my home spot focusing on the most demanding manoeuvres


I will participate in all the major competitions:

- Swiss Acro Tour
- Sonchaux acro show
- Olüdeniz international AirGames


Flying around the globe in the most remote places as well as the most crowded.
I will announce my venues and the continents I’ll be flying in as soon as I’m in the plane

Expect big, expect huge, expect unreasonable, because that’s who I am



As team pilot for Airg products I can get you an acro wing with a very special price.

Please contact me if you are interested and by clicking the link below you can customize your very own glider 

Support me

Every little bit helps

To allow me to continue to fly around the world, realize my dreams and live from my passion I definitely need some support

The budget for the gear, travel costs and competitions is consequent and if you wish to give me a hand you can do so by making a donation at the following address:


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